Our Team

American ingenuity, Swiss precision

Elevant is a new brand started in 2018 by a scientific team of biochemists and cellular longevity pioneers located in California and Switzerland.

Our Scientific Advisory Board is led by two recognized NAD+ experts – Dr. Eric Verdin, President of the Buck Institute for Research on Aging, and Dr. Alessia Grozio, a biochemist who co-discovered a groundbreaking transporter that delivers NMN directly into cells.

Our mission is to transform advances in cellular research into effective daily solutions that support your health, energy and lifespan.
Alessia Grozio a scientific

Guided By NAD+ Experts

Our Scientific Advisory Board stewards research and development

Eric verdin

“Advances in longevity research reveal the huge potential of NAD+ boosting to sustain human health. At Elevant, we are undertaking a unique and rigorous program of research on NMN, which we believe to be a very promising NAD+ booster.”

Eric Verdin

Chair, Elevant Scientific Advisory Board, and
President of the Buck Institute for Research on Aging

NAD+ metabolism expert

Alessia Grozio a scientific

“I’m proud to work with Elevant to deliver the highest quality NMN to the market, and to innovate with them on promising researches and new formulations to optimize NAD+ levels.”

Alessia Grozio

Elevant Chief Scientist

First author of groundbreaking publication regarding slc12a8 NMN transporters in cells

What We Believe

We believe essential natural molecules and cutting-edge science
can change lives for the better

Natural health

Elevant’s range of scientifically-proven consumer solutions unlocks the benefits of natural regenerative molecules already found in your body.


We are open and honest with our customers, and ourselves. We bring a high degree of visibility to our manufacturing and approval processes and are accountable at every step of the product journey.

Devotion to discovery

Through our collaboration with world-leading institutions specialized in cellular health and longevity research, we are committed to delivering products firmly grounded in scientific innovation and discovery.

Accessible science

Elevant translates cutting-edge scientific discoveries about NMN into simple and efficient daily routines. We aim to make science accessible by making the latest industry knowledge available to everyone.

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