Cellular Health: A Key To Healthy Aging

Cellular Health: A Key To Healthy Aging

Many people are aware that  the human body is made up of microscopic cells. However, not everyone is aware that you can take steps to maintain your health on a cellular level. Cellular health is a modern approach to wellness that involves supporting your body’s health by keeping your cells abundant and thriving. 

What is Cellular Health?

The concept of cellular health involves taking steps to support the functioning of your cells in an effort to boost your overall health. The cells are the most basic level of biological organization. Cellular health aims to support the cells, mitochondria, DNA, and any other components that come into play. 

Components of the Cells

To understand the concept of cellular health, it helps to first review the different components that make up each cell. 


The mitochondria are also known as the powerhouse of the cell. This important structure is responsible for converting glucose to ATP, supplying the cells with usable energy. Without well-functioning mitochondria, cells cannot produce the energy needed to function and may even die off. Although powerful, the mitochondria are not immune to aging. This component of our cells can have reduced efficiency as we age. Some methods for maintaining mitochondrial health include: decreasing toxin exposure, consuming a nutrient-rich diet, and increasing muscle mass. 


The DNA provides a genetic code to the cells–an instruction manual that tells the cells how to function. Every cell relies on DNA to direct it, so any interruptions or mistakes within the DNA can cause serious issues within the body. Errors or “typos” within the genetic code can cause cellular dysfunction, leading to imbalance and disease in the body. Keeping DNA mutations to a minimum is an effective way to combat aging and maintain an optimal level of health. 


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