Healthy Aging with Elevant

Healthy Aging with Elevant

According to researchers who study NAD+ (and its precursors), it can. NMN may slow or reverse aspects of aging by boosting NAD levels (Shade, 2020). 

NAD+ is one of the most crucial coenzymes needed by every living cell in the human body–used to turn food into energy and keep you alive and well. However, by middle age, NAD+ levels are HALF of what you had in your twenties (Elevant, n.d.). 


As we age, NAD+ levels are depleted, despite how important this molecule is to our health and wellbeing. Replenishing this molecule is essential in any anti-aging care plan. 

NMN, the most direct precursor to NAD, fights the two major contributors to aging by boosting NAD+ levels:, 

  1. Oxidative stress and

  2. Inflammation 


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