How to take prime?

We recommend you take at least two capsules of Prime (250 mg) every day, with or without food.

Simply take a first half dose in the morning followed by another half dose in the early afternoon.

Spacing your Prime intake throughout the day like this allows our NMN-C® to work in tandem with your body’s natural energy cycles.

Why your NAD+ needs
a boost twice a day

NAD+ circadian cycle

Your body’s NAD+ cycle is designed to provide your cells with energy based on periods of activity and rest throughout the day.

NAD+ is usually on the increase when you wake up, and generally rises again in the afternoon. Taking Prime at these times works with your body’s natural rhythms to boost NAD+ and maximize energy creation.

Why your NAD+ needs a boost twice a day

Optimize the Effects of Prime

NMN increases NAD+ in a dose dependent manner, which means the more you take, the more you increase your NAD+.

For an optimized effect, you can adapt your dosage to your weight. Our expert panel recommends a maximum daily dose of 3.4 mg per pound.

Enter your weight below to calculate your optimal daily dose.

“NAD+, a key player

in the cellular production of energy.”

“NAD+ is one of the most important

molecules in the body”

“NAD+ precursors reverse

aspects of aging.”

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