How long-term NMN supplementation can double NAD+ levels and improve muscle function

How long-term NMN supplementation can double NAD+ levels and improve muscle function

As we go through life and continue to age, our NAD+ levels tend to drop, which can make us more susceptible to a wide range of health ailments commonly associated with aging. There's plenty of research available on how NMN supplementation can help boost and maintain healthy NAD+ levels, but its effectiveness varies based on short or long-term administration. Keep reading through this article to learn how extensive NMN supplementation can double NAD+ levels while improving muscle function.

How NMN Increases NAD+ Levels in the Blood

A report developed in Japan has provided detailed information on how NMN can benefit the older population. The study entailed a group of healthy men over the age of 65, each of which was given 250mg of NMN every day for 12 weeks. Although numerous findings came from this study, the most astounding was the fact that blood NAD+ levels more than doubled throughout the 12-week period.

Moreover, it was found that this increase of NAD+ in the blood showed improvements in overall muscle function. Not only did the study prove that NMN supplements can help the elderly maintain healthy NAD+ levels in their blood, but they can also help with age-related muscle deterioration. This is an excellent finding, as many older people simply aren’t as active as they used to be, which is a big factor in muscle deterioration as people age.

Researchers also discovered that levels of NAD+ synthesis metabolites such as mononucleotide and nicotinic (NAMN) increased throughout the study. The various findings from this study made it apparent that NMN supplementation boosts the synthesis of NAD+, which in turn increases NAD+ levels in the blood.

NAD+ has an influence on the mitochondria in your body, which are paramount in creating energy as it converts nutrients. It’s also known that it plays a part in repairing muscular tissue as well as essential enzymes. During the study, researchers recorded improvements in walking speed and grip strength among the test group, which is a clear sign that NMN supplementation was helpful in this regard.

Why Muscle Repair Is Important

When we're young, our bodies are pretty effective at keeping us healthy, but as we age, many of the core elements of how our bodies work start to dwindle in many ways. The fact that our bodies have a harder time repairing muscle when we're older is a big reason why many older people start to feel weak.

Of course, there are multiple lifestyle choices that can help with this, but aging is something that can't be reversed or stopped. It's crucial to stay on top of what the body needs, and if we're able to maintain muscle repair with the help of NMN supplements, older people may be able to experience more strength and mobility.

Young or old, muscle repair is vital, and it's easier said than done for some people. The repair process your muscles go through requires cells called macrophages which help clean up damaged cells and associated tissues. Young people can repair muscle more efficiently, but many older individuals tend to struggle in contrast. This is where NMN supplementation can truly help, as it aids the metabolism of NAD+, which is an essential component of muscle repair and functionality.

Although the primary information gathered from the 12-week study consisted of doubling blood NAD+ levels and improving muscle strength, NMN has the ability to offer many other health benefits. Many researchers are wondering at this point how many different aspects of the human body can be maintained or improved as we age with the help of NMN supplementation.

Will NMN Be Able To Improve Organ Health?

Currently, this seems to be one of the next steps, as research on NMN supplementation has a long way to go. It’s evident that what we know at this time is very promising, and many researchers are confident NMN has many more applications. Right now, there isn’t much data on whether NMN supplements can help support organ functionality. Some tests with NMN don’t offer much benefit to the body, while others are quite substantial in comparison.

For starters, researchers are interested in looking at how NMN supplements could benefit organs such as the brain, liver, or kidneys. There are numerous age-related diseases with these organs, and if NMN has the capability to ward off age-related ailments, it could be groundbreaking for the health of humans as they grow older.

Considering the fact that NAD+ is an essential coenzyme for DNA expression and the creation of proteins our body needs, keeping a healthy amount of it in our blood can benefit the human body in more ways than one. NMN supplementation does more than help with bodily functions; it’s a supportive measure for the vitality and longevity of our lifespan.

Many medical complications that older people face can either be avoided or reversed in a sense with the help of increased NAD+ levels. There’s no argument that certain short and long-term lifestyle choices can lead to health issues, but for those who encounter health concerns that are seemingly out of their hands, this may not be the case anymore.

Future Developments for NMN Supplements

With every piece of research that comes to light, it’s becoming clear that NMN has multiple use cases. Once dosages and administration can be fine-tuned and catered toward the general public, many people can ensure the longevity of their health when paired with conscious lifestyle choices. It should be noted that NMN supplements aren’t a cure-all for age-related health issues but rather a defense mechanism against what may come.

Once again, a significant factor in age-related illnesses and diseases is due to lower NAD+ levels in the body. Unfortunately, levels of this coenzyme naturally decline as we get older, and humans haven't been able to combat it until NMN supplements came along. Research like this has led to many advancements in medical knowledge, and researchers are eager to expand testing to better understand what NMN supplements are capable of.

How NMN Can be Paired with an Active Lifestyle

NMN isn’t meant to be used as a replacement for a healthy and active lifestyle. Using NMN is meant to supplement and aid your body in ways that keep you mobile and thriving as you age. Benefiting muscle functionality and maintaining NAD+ levels is just the beginning. As new research continues to be developed, NMN supplementation will find its place in benefiting multiple aspects of the human body.

Those who choose to stay active and exercise will only benefit themselves further by incorporating NMN supplementation. It’s also known that different doses of NMN can lead to different effects on the body. Some people may respond better to lower doses, while others require higher doses to achieve the desired outcome.

Research has also shown that NMN supplementation can be beneficial in a wide range of age groups, but it's highly effective in the older population. This is caused by the fact that older people have much lower NAD+ levels in their blood. Moreover, their physical condition isn't comparable to the younger population in many ways, and they need more support to build the strength and vitality they need.

As the years pass by, many experts think that NMN will find its way to becoming commercially available, but there’s a lot more data that needs to be recorded. Widely marketed as an anti-aging product, most people understand that you can’t reverse aging itself, but you can supplement your body with what it needs to feel its best.

Even if you don’t live an active lifestyle, NMN supplements can do wonders for how you feel inside and out. Each body responds differently to supplementation, but regardless of this, the benefits of NMN are becoming more transparent, and they keep stacking on as more trials are performed.

NMN seems to perform its best with long-term use, as it's needed consistently to maintain NAD+ levels in the blood. As soon as you stop administering NMN supplements, your NAD+ levels would start to decline again. This is another factor that researchers are taking into account when it comes to dosage, as some people won't have the ability to constantly take the supplements.

It's possible that with higher doses, people may be able to take NMN supplements less frequently. This is still being studied with more diverse group testing between different age groups in addition to a mix of men and women. Although research on NMN will continue, many people are waking up to the known benefits, and it's clear that increasing NAD+ levels in the blood is advantageous for many different reasons as we age.

The Bottom Line

Administering NMN supplements for long periods of time tends to deliver more substantial results for our health. This article focused on a 12-week study that delivered impressive results regarding blood NAD+ levels and muscle function in older individuals. Considering the results were fairly unanimous across everyone involved in the study, this is a good look for other potential health benefits of NMN supplementation down the road.



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