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NMN supplementation helps mitigate skin aging due to environmental factors

12 Dec 2022 0 Comments
NMN supplementation helps mitigate skin aging due to environmental factors

Outside of our skincare routines and dietary choices, many environmental factors can negatively affect our skin's health. It could be contaminants in the air or the sun itself; after years of exposure, they could induce skin aging more rapidly than we might like. This article will explore skin aging due to environmental conditions and how NMN supplementation can combat this particular issue.

How Can Our Environment Induce Skin Aging?

Our skin acts as the first barrier of protection for the rest of our body, which means it takes on quite a bit of damage over the years. Skin aging considers multiple factors, but it’s usually noticed from a visual standpoint before anything else. One of the most common ways our environment can induce skin aging is from UVA that the sun generates.

Too much exposure may lead to catastrophic health complications such as skin cancer, but it can also feed into your skin's aging process. As we grow older, it's normal to lose elasticity in our skin and notice changes in its texture, but if this happens at a rapid rate, there may be other causes for it.

Even aspects of air pollution can negatively affect the vitality of our skin, and considering some of these environmental factors are inescapable; you have to get a little craft when taking care of your skin. This is where NMN supplementation seemingly offers multiple solutions to protect your skin's health.

Using NMN to Boost NAD+ Production in The Skin

When utilizing NMN supplementation, you’re giving your body the ability to combat inflammation, increase antioxidants, and protect vital cells that are exposed to environmental stressors. Research has proven that our skin has a low NAD+ count in the first place, but with the NMN, you can raise the presence of NAD+ in the skin and potentially slow down the aging process.

To clarify further, NMN supplementation has the ability to refine lines and wrinkles, improve skin hydration, reduce hyperpigmentation, and bring more clarity and evenness to the skin. Although NMN is still being heavily evaluated through research and various human trials, long-term usage has shown to be quite beneficial in other areas of the body.

This leads many experts to believe that there are more use cases for NMN supplements than we might expect, whether it’s internal or external. One of the biggest factors of environmental skin aging comes from ambient particulate matter. This entails a combination of air pollutants and UV radiation, which are both hard to escape.

Defending Your Skin Against Particulate Matter

There are many outside elements that you can’t see that are actively affecting the health of your skin. Most people are well aware of what the sun is capable of, so they take precautions with sunscreen or covering their skin when outside for a prolonged period of time. Nevertheless, you can’t avoid every interaction with particulate matter (PM) induced skin aging. It’s bound to happen, so it’s up to you to defend your skin as best as you can.

What’s actually happening in these circumstances is that your skin cells are being damaged. This alone will cause your skin to age prematurely, and you won’t always have the topical protection you need for every environmental factor. That’s why you have to protect yourself from the inside out.

Researchers have been experimenting with different ways to administer NMN supplements, from pill forms to topical solutions. However, it’s important that your skin is protected from the source for the best chance of deflecting environmental factors that induce skin aging. This isn’t a factor of whether you spend most of your time inside or outside, as particulate matter can be found anywhere. Whether you live in a city or out in the country, your skin is susceptible to a wide range of environmental elements, some of which can be fairly damaging.

Offering Protection for the Long Term

If NMN supplementation is utilized for prolonged periods, your skin's NAD+ levels will remain healthy, giving them a good chance at handling a variety of environmental factors. Although NMN isn't widely used among the general population, every bit of publicly available research garners new interest due to its vast range of benefits.

Many people are already concerned about how their skin looks and feels, and they use all kinds of topical products to maintain its vitality, elasticity, and overall look. However, these common solutions only go so far, and most of them don't aid the skin on a cellular level. This is one of the most significant differences that NMN is able to provide, as it offers multiple benefits at the source rather than just an external approach.

It's also important to note that some aspect of PM-induced skin aging is more aggressive than others. In addition, certain environmental factors are becoming harsher across the globe, which could make skin aging a more significant issue for the general population. Some minor aspects of this topic come down to personal preferences, but for some, their goal is to ward off potential health concerns that come from skin aging.

Whichever outcome you're looking to achieve, NMN supplementation is well suited to protect the health of your skin while negating the effects of aging skin due to environmental conditions. More than anything, you have to keep a long-term mindset, as that's when NMN supplementation works best.

How to Protect Your Skin Throughout The Years

Your skin will go through many changes over the years, and it’s common to have to switch gears when it comes to protecting it. When you’re younger, it carries more strength and vitality, but as you become older, these qualities start to lessen more and more. At the same time, your skin gets thinner with age and becomes even more sensitive in your later years.

Current medications and topical solutions only go so far, which is why many people choose to sport an umbrella on a sunny day or cover up as much skin as possible to protect themselves from other environmental factors. Nevertheless, these aren’t perfect solutions, and NMN has the ability to help fill in some of the gaps.

NMN supplementation is something you can carry with you for the rest of your life, and research has shown that it's highly effective with older individuals. Not only should it become more useful as you age, but it can also help mitigate the effects of skin aging and many other areas of your body. It's able to do this by raising and maintaining NAD+ levels all throughout the body, which is a coenzyme that naturally dwindles as you get older.

Keeping your body healthy can be a vicious and confusing cycle, but NMN comes with a long list of health benefits that make the task just a tad bit easier. However, protecting your skin is one of the hardest to accomplish as it’s always exposed to some degree. Particulate matter-induced skin aging won’t come to a complete stop, but you can lessen the effects it has on your skin moving forward.

The Future of NMN and Anti Aging

To clear up any confusion, NMN doesn’t reverse aging by any means, but what it focuses on is minimizing the natural effects of aging. Currently, NMN supplementation is already available, but research is still being conducted to refine doses, use cases, and different forms of administration. Considering human bodies tend to be quite unique and respond to supplements in many different ways, substantial testing is needed to discern how it can deliver optimal performance to the general population.

This is partially what makes Elevant so beneficial as we spend our time shining a light on the vast benefits of NMN, NAD+, and achieving a long and happy life. There's no doubt that other people have caught on to what NMN has to offer, but a vast part of the worldwide population still has yet to learn about its unique abilities.

Aging is something that crosses everyone's mind no matter where you come from, but rarely do we have the tools we need to actually combat it and protect our health at the same time. The effects of natural aging won't be going anywhere as it's something we all have to face, but the associated health risks that come with it are something we can manage along the way.

Environmental conditions can cause health complications that range from minor to very severe, and protecting our skin is one of the first steps we can take to care for the rest of our body. Limiting the harm that PM can cause to our skin is in everyone’s best interest because you’ve more than likely encountered it for most, if not all of your life.

To Conclude

You can utilize NMN supplementation to your advantage in numerous ways, and it works at a cellular level to minimize the effects of aging throughout the body. Your skin will always be one of your most sensitive organs, and it only becomes more fragile with age.

With the help of NMN supplements, you can ward off the effects of PM-induced skin aging and ensure you don’t develop chronic health complications from environmental conditions.


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