What is pharmagrade, and what does it mean ?

What is pharmagrade, and what does it mean ?

What is pharmagrade, and what does it mean ?

 Pharmagrade is a word used to describe the purity and safety standards that have been applied in producing a certain compound. When this term is applied to a supplement, it means that similar standards have been applied as would be for any pharmaceutical drug, such as ordinary acetaminophen (paracetamol).

Pharmagrade : the purity standard

Let’s stop for a moment to talk about what purity actually means. When we are dealing with chemical compounds, we should remember that we are often looking at a scale of molecules and atoms from a tenth of a nanometer to a few 10s of micrometers. That is to say, stuff that is clearly invisible to the naked eye.

Nobody can, therefore, ever claim to produce large quantities of anything that is 100% pure. If someone is claiming that not even one atom is out of place, then they are not simply bending the truth, but lying.

That said, by today’s cutting-edge technological means, it is actually possible to guarantee purity within 99%. And that is generally the standard required for pharmagrade products.

However, of the millions and millions of supplements available on the market – over 350 million listed on Amazon, for example – only a staggering 3% are actually certified as pharmagrade.

Unfortunately, this means that many of the other non-pharmagrade products contain high quantities of impurities, binding substances, fillers, or percentages of similar but not equal compounds.

Indeed, in the case of NMN, the China National Food Industry Association has found various cases of companies selling non-pharmagrade NMN mixed with B3 vitamins known for stimulating unpleasant hot flushes when taken at such doses.

Pharmagrade : the safety standard

We eat and drink plenty of naturally produced products every day, and we hardly ever question the purity and safety of it all. When it comes to synthetically produced, or man-made, products, such as pharmaceuticals and supplements, we are right to expect them to have been proved safe for human consumption.

They should, in fact, be tested not on poor rodents, but on actual consenting humans, under extremely strict clinical conditions, supervised by qualified, professional scientists and doctors. Only then can we know that a little white synthetic powder is just as safe as an organically grown carrot or potato bought from the local market.

Elevant’s NMN-C® 

Elevant’s NMN-C® is not a substance invented out of nowhere. It is made in the mirror image of the naturally occurring NMN found in tomatoes, cabbage, broccoli and so on, and already in trillions of cells of the human body.

It is made in France, in the European Union, in strictly controlled facilities, following highly developed procedures and processes, certified to the high standard of the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Current Good Manufacturing Practice (CGMP). This means that it has been made according to the FDA’s rules guaranteeing the safe design, monitoring, control and maintenance of manufacturing facilities and processes.

Furthermore, Elevant’s pharmagrade NMN-C® has undergone extensive clinical testing on consenting humans. This testing has confirmed the compound’s no observed adverse effect level (NOAEL) status at intended use doses, and led to an independent panel of scientific experts also confirming its Self-GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe) status, according, once again, to strict FDA rules.

This all means the Elevant’s pharmagrade NMN cell-nourishment supplements, developed in collaboration with world-leading NMN and NAD experts and scientific institutions, are as pure as can be, and certified safe, tested and science-backed.




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