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How to create a routine and maintain it

08 Sep 2022 0 Comments
How to create a routine and maintain it

As we get older, life seems to get busier and more complicated to manage regarding our health and daily responsibilities. Even though it might be a challenge, you must find a routine that works for you because it won't take long for your health and other aspects of your life to suffer. You may not be able to uphold a routine seven days a week for years on end, but if you're generally consistent, you'll notice a long list of positives regarding your health physically and mentally.


Each person needs a routine that works for them, which usually consists of a blend of traits that work for others. Formulating a routine can be challenging for anyone, but you must start somewhere. In this article, we'll explain how to create a routine and maintain it so you can thrive in your health and everyday responsibilities.


Where to Get Started

You'll find numerous ways to start crafting a routine for yourself, but an excellent way to get started is by physically listing off responsibilities you have to take care of daily. Each day there's a blend of activities we go through; some are requirements, while others are purely recreational. It's in your best interest to prioritize what you need to do first; once those activities are handled, you can move on to less demanding tasks.


A good example would be to start at the beginning of your day. Even if you have a long work day ahead of you, that doesn't mean you should compromise on hygiene or nutrition. Before locking yourself into work, make daily hygiene and a solid breakfast a part of your routine, so you're ready to face the daily challenges.


Whether you use your phone, computer, or a piece of paper, you want to start writing these steps down to visualize what your new routine is starting to look like. To improve the efficiency of your routine, it's advantageous to group similar tasks together as this will give you a more fluid approach to handling your responsibilities and activities. Putting your routine to paper is only the first step, as you'll need to follow these steps to see any results.


Set Goals For Yourself

After you've laid out what you'd like your daily routine to look like, it's important to set goals for it as it'll help you refine and improve it over time. Your first shot at a routine rarely goes how you expect it to, so you must adapt and find which areas need work and which areas you excel at. Goals can include small changes like waking up earlier, working out a little longer, or ensuring you never miss a meal. There isn't a rule book to the goals you attach to your routine, and it's a great way to churn more results as you learn what works for you.


It's important to remember that you aren't super-human, and there's only so much time in the day. When you're structuring your routine, you want to remember what's possible with the time you're given. Don't overstuff your routine, as you'll run yourself thin, and every aspect of your routine will suffer because of it. Set logical goals that make sense to your routine, and they'll help you excel on a daily basis while keeping you motivated at the same time.


Structure the Routine Around a Timed Schedule

To give yourself a better probability of hitting all the marks in your routine, attach specific activities or responsibilities to a particular time slot in the day. Between what we have to do and what we want to do, it can be challenging to determine how much time we should put into a specific activity. Once again, ensure not to cram too much into a short amount of time, as this can lead to lackluster results and an inconsistent routine.


Some people thrive with a stacked schedule from sun up till sundown, but this can also cause unwanted effects on our health if we never give ourselves a break. Modern-day work culture convinces many people they have to be moving all day until they crash, but that isn't an optimal way to structure a routine that'll last. A routine doesn't have to consist of only work or other unavoidable responsibilities; it can also include time to rest or spend with recreational activities that may have no real purpose. It's about balance if you're looking to create a routine that'll work for you in the long run.


Tackle Larger Tasks in Pieces and Plan Ahead

Some parts of your routine will change daily as you're bound to encounter different activities that take up various amounts of time. To keep your schedule moving forward, you should break up some tasks into multiple segments that span multiple days. This is a good way to ensure you're still handling your responsibilities without compromising other aspects of your routine.

You won't tire yourself out and give yourself the best chance of finding time for every activity you need to take care of.


Even if you implement all of these steps, you'll still find ways to refine your routine so it's optimized to produce the outcome you're looking for. The routine you create for yourself should focus on your day-to-day schedule, but it doesn't hurt to look into the future and plan out your routine for weeks ahead.


For most people, this part comes at a later stage once they've refined their routine a bit and know what to expect. If you only focus on each passing day, it's possible for other responsibilities that you weren't considering to sneak up on you in the near future. Planning weeks, months, or even years ahead can ensure you're prepared to adapt to upcoming changes in your routine.


Electronics have made scheduling our time more efficient, but it can sometimes leave a disconnect between our brain and our actions. Although most phones have everything we need to handle our schedule, working with physical calendars, whiteboards, and notepads can keep your mind sharp on the tasks.


Consistency is Key

This article is stacked with tips and tricks that'll help you structure a daily routine that works for your particular needs, but the only way you'll see results is if you remain consistent. Letting your responsibilities get ahead of you can create a snowball effect that can become increasingly difficult to manage, and consistency is the best way to ensure that doesn't happen. Research shows that following a routine consistently for at least three weeks will help you turn it into a habit. Once your routine becomes habitual, following it every day will only become more manageable.


Once again, you don't want to push yourself too far as you're only human, and you'll get tired, make mistakes, and potentially forget a step in your routine from time to time. Above all, your health is the most important if you plan on sticking to a routine and a consistent schedule. If your health isn't a part of your routine, you aren't able to uphold it in the long term. Use the info in this article as inspiration, but make sure the routine you create works for your health, responsibilities, and interests, and you'll be much happier with yourself overall.


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