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New study shows NMN efficacy in raising nad+ levels

15 Sep 2022 0 Comments
New study shows NMN efficacy in raising nad+ levels

In recent years, research has been expanding on the NMN molecule and how it aids our body. Where the molecule has gained traction in various studies is the part it plays in the natural aging process of our body. We may not be able to reverse time, but we can combat the effects of aging by taking care of our bodies to the best of our ability.

Unfortunately, there are many aspects of natural aging that we can’t see with the naked eye, and there are many factors that play into how we age. Healthy NAD+ levels in the body are essential for the brain, nervous system, numerous organs, and a long list of bodily functions that can affect how we feel over time. This article is going to focus on a new study that shows NMN’s efficacy at raising NAD+ levels in the body naturally.

Why NAD+ Matters

Throughout the past decade, an immense amount of research has revealed that the NAD+ molecule is a crucial part of cell energy production, but it doesn't exist all on its own. Without the help of various precursors such as NR and NMN, NAD+ wouldn't exist. Both of the precursors mentioned are known to work against the natural effects of aging on our tissue and organs over the years. Unfortunately, NAD+ levels decline in our bodies over the years, making cell energy production much harder as we age.

NAD+ requires multiple precursors, such as NMN but not all of them function the same. This article offers data from a recently-published study from the University of Toyama in Japan that focused on the daily intake of 250mg of NMN (nicotinamide mononucleotide). What they found was astounding, as researchers were able to confirm a substantial list of benefits with the molecule as a supplemental solution. It requires long-term solutions to retain healthy levels of NAD+ in the body for long periods of time, and NMN supplements and treatments look like the key.

Key Takeaways from The Clinical Study

Among all of the information that was generated by the study, there were numerous benefits that added to the positive outlook of NMN. Doses of NMN were administered in a controlled environment to provide the most accurate results, and subjects who took two 125mg doses of NMN daily for a period of twelve weeks showed a significant increase in NAD+ levels, with the molecule nearly doubling in each subject.

Aside from the health benefits of NMN supplements, researchers were also happy to see that subjects showed zero signs of physiological side effects of the supplementation. This fact alone will catch the attention of many people as side effects are a major reason why a company or individual may avoid a particular supplement.


With the consistent regimen of the clinical study, it was recorded that whole blood NAD+ levels in the subjects plateaued after four weeks, but they were maintained for the entirety of the twelve-week period. The study consisted of healthy adults ranging from 22 to 64 years old, with most of the group showing consistent results across the board. Interestingly, it was also found that elevations in heart rate were associated with higher NAD+ levels in the blood, which shows that an elevated heart rate can help facilitate the metabolism of NAD+.

Taking NMN Supplements Daily

Research on NMN supplements will continue to expand as it’ll require longer studies with broader demographics to truly understand its effects. For this particular study, each subject showed satisfactory results for the twelve-week duration, and four weeks after they stopped taking the supplement, NAD+ levels started to drop off naturally.

The study also displayed that even with the administration of NMN supplements, NMN levels in the body remain pretty consistent, which shows that the molecule is being easily metabolized as it should be. This study shows that NMN supplements are a great solution to raising and maintaining NAD+ levels in the body across multiple age groups.

What Does the Research Show on Side Effects?

It's easy to get taken away with the potential health benefits of NMN, but the possible side effects shouldn't be ignored by any means. Even if NMN helps with the creation of NAD+, too much of anything can be considered a bad thing, and there are likely to be limits to how much supplemented NMN is safe. Thankfully, with the information that's available now, subjects seem to respond extremely well to NMN supplements. 

They also found a significant correlation between pulse rates among the subjects, as higher pulse rates of 100 BPM showed roughly double the NAD+ levels compared to lower BPMs around 60. This is cause for further research, but the study sparks the question if the combination of exercise and NMN supplements can further increase NAD+ levels. Although the results of this study are quite apparent, it’s an excellent stepping stone toward the adoption of the supplement as health maintenance and anti-aging solution.

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