The science behind Elevant

The science behind Elevant

The Science Behind Elevant

NAD-boosting is one of the most promising avenues of scientific research into lengthening what has become known as human healthspan.

Unlike the term lifespan, which denotes how long we live, healthspan represents the length of time we continue to have a good quality of health. So, while, in the past, the focus was on living until a hundred, now, it is all about enjoying life, health and well-being beyond the third and well into the fourth age.

Dietary considerations

There are various natural ways to boost NAD. However, these tend to be the classic ways of looking after health. That is, ensuring a good diet, plenty of exercise, a little sun, and adequate sleep. Cutting down on alcohol and smoking also works.

Many of these things are what any health-conscious person would do anyway. And sometimes we get the impression that it’s hard work, and, for all the effort we put in, the results are not always extraordinary.

Supplementing your diet

What if we could boost our NAD even more, give it bit more oomph, and see some truly extraordinary results ? This is exactly the question that Elevant has sought to answer by finding a way to deliver NAD right into beating hearts of our many trillion living, breathing cells.

Dietary NAD comes from: the B3 vitamins NA, NAM and NR ; the amino acid tryptophan ; and the immediate precursor of NAD+, NMN. These are the building blocks for NAD, which has to be put together inside the body, since the molecule is too big to pass into the blood stream from the gut.

The problem is that building NAD from some of these blocks is like following the confounding instructions of flat-pack furniture. Tryptophan, for example, demands at least a seven-step process, and can easily get lost on the way, as it is also used to make many other vital biochemicals, such as the “happiness hormone” serotonin.

The B3 vitamins are all good in the right quantities, but if we try to supplement our diets with too much, other problems start to emerge. In fact, we can overdose on B3 vitamins, with side effects ranging from hot flushes and excessive sweating to skin dryness, itching, pins and needles, headaches, nausea, and even eye-swelling, liver toxicity, rapid onset hepatitis, and pre-diabetes.

That leaves NMN. There are various advantages to a delivering a supplement of this natural molecule NMN. The first is that NMN is just one step away from becoming NAD+. So, it doesn’t get lost on the way.

The second and all-important advantage is that no observable adverse effects have been seen in scientific research on humans involving high doses. This makes it safe to use as a dietary supplement.

Another advantage is that it is a stable molecule with a long shelf-life in various preparations. Yet another is that it’s rapidly absorbed, with some studies indicating that it can enter the blood stream in as little as two and a half minutes, and be converted to NAD+ throughout the body in as little as 30.

Given the benefits of NAD-boosting on bodywide health, energy and vitality, nurturing sleep, balancing immunity, aiding weight management, and supporting healthy ageing and heart, brain, eye and kidney function, NMN is proving to be a safe, effective and fast-acting solution to improving health, right down to the level of cells. That is the smallest parts of you that can have the biggest effect on your healthspan.

Elevant’s NMN-C

Elevant has come up with a very special form of NMN, which it has called NMN-C®. Well, in actual fact, NMN-C is totally indistinguishable from natural NMN. The C is there to denote the sophisticated series of processes, like no other, that Elevant has developed in order to guarantee an extremely high degree of quality, purity and standardization to strict pharmaceutical-grade requirements.



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